Friday, November 30, 2007

The Walk of Shame

My brother Chris replied to an earlier post where I talked about thefact that I'm starting to like getting up at 5am for my shift at Sony. I think Chris gets up at 4:30am everyday. He's at his desk by like 5:15am or something insane. He wrote this:

I find the best part of the early early morning commute to Boston (especially on Fridays) is when you are so early you are touching the end of night and can occasionally see the late late night partier sheepishly trying to make their way home before the sun rises. This morning just I saw a “business man” sitting on the bench in front of the statue of Sam Adams (the man not the beer) brief case at his side, neck tie undone, shirt unbuttoned, hair looked like it was combed with a shoe, one sock, and two more shoes. I wish I had a camera.

That is what we typically call the Walk of Shame. When I was training for a marathon, we used to run down the back alley to all the beachfront apartments in Marina del Rey. Around Saturday morning at about 7:30am, we'd inevitably see a girl in her Friday night's clothes, stilettos in hand, mascara smeared raccoon-like all around her eyes, tip-toeing down the back steps of some dudes place. We've all had those mornings. Some more than others. And you ladies know who you are. Next time throw those heels on, wipe your face clean, and stomp down those stairs with pride!

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