Sunday, November 18, 2007

Long Distance Blogging

I'm in New York and have been since Wednesday. It's so great to be in the city. I came here because I promised my step-daughter that I'd have "girl's weekend" to celebrate her 16th birthday (which was in September).

Wednesday I got in a little late and spent the night with Maura who is renovating her awesome brownstone in the West Village. This apartment has the best roof deck in the world. It's not very big and if you lean over the edge a little you can see the Empire State Building but it is cozy and comfy and full of green plants. They are all dying at the moment but you get the feeling. Being in that apartment for five minutes makes me want to live in NYC again. Of course, I don't think I can afford the million dollar brownstone on one of the greatest block in the city. I think Gwenyth Paltrow used to live on the block. Sarah Jessica Parker, too. You get the idea. It's amazing. Then I got to Paul's place. A whole different amazing.

Paul lives in Soho at Crosby and Howard. I wasn't sure where that was so I found Crosby between Broadway and Lafayette and walked south. To my surprise Crosby ended at Howard. I found Paul's apartment directly in front of me. A quintessential Soho building; diamond pattern metal stairs that lead to the front door of building and all the precious stores that have one item like a twisted piece of cardboard shaped like a turd and dipped in and costs $5 thousand dollars. I get buzzed into Paul's apartment, head up to the second floor and walk into a palatial two bedroom loft with the most gorgeous floor to ceiling windows that have an unobstructed view that looks north up Crosby Street. it's the kind of apartment you only see in movies. This is living, people.

Paul promises to send me pictures of the view from his apartment. I won't hold my breath. And I know Maura has some lovely ones of her deck that I'll try to get my hands on so you can see what real New York living is all about. And when I say real I mean rich.

More to come... I need to make some garlic bread for the kids while the oven is hot. Here's a picture of my hungry birds.

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