Thursday, November 08, 2007

Day 4

Day 4 was more uneventful than day 3. Joe didn't show up until later in the day and Erica decided that after her doctor's appointment, she'd strike at NBC Universal where it was rumored that Ellen Degeneres was going to cross the picket line to film two of her shows. Well, Ellen showed up but I'm not sure Erica did.

Anyway turns out that I spent some nice time chanting like a fool with my boss Mara. (This is her. Yes, my boss is hot.) The mornings at the Colfax Gate are nice and rowdy. The woman who run the room at Girlfriends, Mara's other show, take charge of the megaphones and chant and sing for 4 hours straight. When they leave at 1pm it's time for the afternoon shift to take over. Mara and I saw that no one else was going to do it so we did. It's all fun until the old angry men who are picketing with you won't respond to your chants -- ME: "When I say Union, you say Power! Union! Them: (silence) Me: Union! Them: (silence). -- but these guys demand to hear certain ones. A favorite of one 75 yr old gentleman who was working the line (and the 50 something lovely next to him) was: "We are the writers, we tell the story, we"ll tell the whole damn world this is Union territory!" I think he liked the curse word. It all seemed like a great thing.

Then you stop for a minute and you realize that someone cooler than you or someone who just knows you through your husband has entered the line and you kinda just sound like a dick.

Since I have no pictures of me chanting, here's a picture of Lew and Joe chanting. p.s. I made Joe's sign. Yesterday he added the red line under "Honk" after holding the sign for about an hour. I'm so happy the sign made it through the night. Joe is the official favorite striker of The Game writers. Today when he wasn't there, they stood on the corner in honor of him. In fact, this one woman I work with, Sara, said: "Your friend Joe is onto something with this honking thing." That's right, Professor Honkenstein, you sure are.


Michelle said...

There are 75-year-old writers in Hollywood? That is news. More updates, please.

MIRTH3 said...

Ok, Ms. Bean - so the word on the street that reached me all the way on this island is that this strike could go on until January or June. Can it only end in months that start with "j?"

I've also heard that in the same fashion that the DGA has done to the WGA in strikes past, the DGA is probably going to screw the WGA over and settle. Meaning you have to take whatever deal they get. Have you heard any of that? That washed up on the Oahu shore here today in a bottle of grape nehi. I hope that isn't true. This new media shit is bullshit. Don't get me started on mobisodes - the devil's work. Peace and picketing! Fight the good fight!