Thursday, November 01, 2007

Strike News

Well, it looks like we writers are going to strike. Tonight there is a big meeting downtown at the Convention Center for all members of the Writer's Guild. Initially I wasn't going to go as we are shooting a show tonight but then I really thought about it and realized, how could I not go? This is the only time in my life I'll ever be part of a union. And, hopefully, the only time in my life I'll go on strike. I curious to see the machinations of a union when it's about to take an action. I mean, isn't this kind of mobilization of members for a purpose the exact reason a union is formed?

We've been told to pack up our offices tonight in case a strike is called at the end of the day. I look around my office and I see nothing of real importance except of few photographs from my wedding and of course, pictures of the dogs. The rest I am completely happy to walk away from.

Sam & I will probably lose our house if this strike goes too long. I can't imagine the ripple effect it will have on people who are making less than us: the PA's, the Writer's Assistants, shit, even the people who clean the offices! Ugh.

If you're interested here are a few links to websites that have been talking about what's going on in a fair or, at least, understandable way.

The Artful Writer
United Hollywood
The Huffington Post

On the bright side, I will be able to pick up a few more shifts at Vito! It won't pay the mortgage but I'll certainly have more time to blog and pour.

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