Thursday, July 26, 2007


A couple of my diligent readers asked; who is "Rustyboy?" Rustyboy is a friend who reads the blog and often posts a comment that is much funnier than anything I've taken a f*cking half hour to write. Russ (his real name) is this foxy dude I used to work with who got so into running that he basically shamed me into never running again.

When we worked together as story editors on Viva la Bam , I had run a marathon. He asked me the day after I ran, limping from blisters and sore knees; "How'd you do it?" I was honest and said, "You train and it sucks ass, but if I can do it, anyone can."

Now that f*cker is training for a 100 (YES, ONE HUNDRED) mile race. Did I mention I hate Russ? Here's his blog .

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rustyboy said...

I just had the strangest experience:

I thought, "I'll check Julie's blog." Then I jokingly thought, "Her next entry had BETTER be about ME."

Then I clicked my bookmark and my picture appeared on your blog.

I'm a-flattered and do hope I can, heretoforth, be as funny, foxy, and fast as you have made me sound.

Wanna crew for a dumbshit running a 100 miler in October? I've been meaning to ask you. I need someone who'll both take care of me and kick my ass out of aid stations.