Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Off On Script

Next week it looks like I'll be off on script and able to pick up a few shifts at Vito. Thankfully we get to write from home so they won't know I'll be cutting out everyday at 4:30pm to head up to the Vit. People keep telling me that if I had to bartend for a living I would grow to hate it. I'm not sure that's true but until bartending starts paying WGA wages, I'll have to stick to my day job writing for a (fill in your own adjective here) sitcom.

Again, if I get home at a decent hour today, I'll try and upload some pictures to go along with this post. I feel like you should always have some eye candy to go along with the script.

p.s. Spell check thinks the word "bartending" should be spelled "bar tending" with the space. I'm not doing it.

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