Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Grossest Drink Ever

Tonight at Vito I made the grossest drink ever: a Bullshot.

1 oz. vodka
3 oz. cold beef bullion
1 dash Worcestershire Sauce
Dash Salt and Pepper
(Recipe courtesy of Mr. Boston's. Thank you, Mr. Boston)

I didn't have cold beef bullion handy so I had to go into the kitchen and ask them to ladle some hot bullion into a glass. They communication gap between me and the cooks grew by about a mile at that moment. They were confused and disgusted all at the same time. I tried to explain but they were just turned their back s and went about their work.

The drink wasn't sent back and their waiter didn't complain so I assume it was okay. A better name for it would be 80 Proof Salt Lick. Yuck.


rustyboy said...

Isn't that (disgusting) drink usually a hangover remedy?

Dangerfield references it in "Caddyshack:

Dangerfield (to kid bartender): "Hey, can you make a bullshot?"

Bartender: "Can you make a shoe stink?"

Upon reflection, not the cleverest of dialogue.

golfma said...

That movie is a classic, on paper maybe that line doesn't read so well. It works in the scene.