Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Been A Minute...

...since my last post and I apologize. Saturday night's shift was fantastic. Stacey and Lesli (no "e") who stopped by looking all hot and whatnot, had to wait for a bit to sit at the bar because an older couple were milking their drinks in between make-out sessions. This couple were in like their late 60's. Geriatric PDA's should be against the law. It's yucky.

Rick G., supported by his fabulous wife Penny, now holds the record for most Vito martinis drunk in one night while maintaining the ability to walk out of the restaurant unassisted. I've seen people poured out of that place on half the booze. It was a Herculean effort that mustn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Kudos, sir. You are my hero.

I went to a nutritionist last week who put me on a diet while I sit on my ass all day here at the office. I lost six pounds in the first week. Everyone was very impressed with my progress and wanted to know what the magic nutritionist's advice was so I will impart it to all of you here for free: don't eat a lot. You want to lose 6 pounds you'll have to be starving for the majority of the week.

I'll elaborate on all this when I get home. Right now I need to get back in the writer's room before I get fired.


rustyboy said...

I am up to the task of taking down Rick's record.

Mark my word.

Julie said...

You know not the challenge that lies before you. Godspeed, brave man.