Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Husband.

Today was Sam's birthday. We (Me, Nate, Ivy, Aunt Scary and Sam) celebrated with the best barbecue in Los Angeles, Baby Blues BBQ followed by 1/2 a dozen My Little Cupcakes at home. Sam managed to blow out all six candles at once. Not bad for an old man. He's the foxiest 44 yr old, don't you think? Wait, how old is Bono? Kidding, Baby. Happy Birthday!


sj said...

After cupcakes and ribs, I may not be as foxy as Bono, but I'm every bit as paunchy. Best birthday ever. Thank you.

Julie said...

I love the way Brady is looking at you in this picture. Like he wants to give you a big sh*t kiss.

rustyboy said...

Happy birthday, Sam Johnson - may the ribs and cupcakes continue to flow like chunky, tangy water for years to come!