Monday, December 03, 2007

RIP Mr. E. Knievel

My brother Chris called me today to tell me he was completely disgusted that it's been three days now and I have posted nothing about the passing of Evel Knievel. I think I'm just a little young to really remember Evel. I know I thought he was foxy even at my young age. He reminded me of my other crush, Steve Austin. I was looking on You Tube for a proper video tribute to post and I found this from Wide World of Sports and it reminded me of how much I used to love that show.

Rest In Peace, Motorcycle Jumping Man.

God, I loved the opening of WWOS. -- Jim McKay's voice, the nasty fall that skier takes in the beginning. I also used to love to eat a an egg, pepper and onion sandwich covered in ketchup while I watched WWOS.

Chris, thanks for keeping me honest.


Lisa said...

Just talking about your love for ketchup the other day...funny!

chris said...

sometimes I forget how old I realy am. I remember I was going to save the newspaper from the day after the "snake river jump" because I thought it was such an important moment in history.

Michelle said...

Larry was also stunned by the news of his death. It was a big deal to him, as though this was a real character from childhood. Maybe it's a boy thing.