Friday, December 07, 2007

All About Eve

Awhile ago I posted about my trip to NYC to visit my step-daughter Ivy. I mentioned her and her friends being a Fierce Foursome. Well apparently that number is up for debate. There could possibly be a Fierce Five even a Sonic Six but for now I'll just talk about number Five, Eve.

Eve is a junior just like Ivy. They play lacrosse together. I didn't get the chance to meet Eve but I hear she's the kind of girl I'd like -- goofy, athletic and smart. Eve is embroiled in the classic high school relationship: a Junior who dates a Senior and is worried about next year when he goes off to college and she stays behind. Remember those days? Well, I actually don't because I didn't go on a date until second semester freshman year in college but I know the agita it caused most of my friends.

All I can say is, hang in there, Eve. Because the heartbreak when he goes sucks until you get to college your own self and realize there are many, many more cute sharks in the ocean to go chummin' for.

Here's a picture so you can get a look at Ivy and Eve in action, popping collars. To the left of Ivy is Nicole looking apologetic while her friends act like goons. Cute goons.

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