Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Love the Potentail of a Full Martini

I was sitting on my couch trying to decide whether or not to read my book or to post. As I tried to figure out which to do I looked over at the coffee table and saw the full martini I had poured a few minutes earlier. I thought to myself, damn I love the potential of a full martini. (I'm sure many an AA speech has started the same way.)

A full martini means the night can go either way. It can be just that one and then onto making dinner and having a cozy night in with Sam watching some boob tube. Or it can mean; Holy Shit! This is a delicious slippery slope, do you think I could find someone who wants to go out and have 16 more of these with me?

It's hard when you feel like you're on vacation even though you're really on strike. However, being that we aren't picketing, I am kind of on vacation. But since it's been a partying kind of few days with Christmas and all, I think I'll stick to my one martini maximum. Being the lone martini of the evening only enhances my potential for savoring every drop.

Tomorrow Sam and I are traveling to Hollister Ranch to visit our friend Eric, his wife Dottie and their son Evan. It's a remote, gorgeous area on the coast, north of Santa Barbara. There's no internet so I won't be blogging for the next couple of days. We return on Saturday when my mother flies in from Boston. On Sunday I'm having a little open house to celebrate my mother's arrival and my birthday. It's a jam packed rest of the week that I'll be sure to document with my new camera.

I need a minute to sit down and post about our Christmas Day World Class Yankee Swap Party at the Groels'. I'm not kidding when I say it was one of the best Christmas Days I've had in 10 years.

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