Thursday, December 20, 2007

No More Sony

One thing we found out at Monday's Strike Rally was that the WGA has decided to consolidate the picketing. Instead of being spread thin in the New Year, all writers will focus on picketing at just a few studios. I don't know if this is because the numbers on the line are dropping or because there is no more production happening. (I heard on NPR yesterday that there are only 2 television shows still in production and one of them ends on Friday.) Either way, it's with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to Sony Gate 2. I will miss all the boys who held down the 6am - 9am shift with me. It was like having eight new boyfriends, my husband included. This line really taught me a few things about myself; the most important being that I like being the only woman in the crowd. So to the men of Sony Gate 2, I say thank you! Thank you for keeping me honest and keeping other women away.

Here are a few more pictures from the line. If there had to be a soundtrack to these photos it would be "Racing In The Streets" by Bruce Springsteen off his greatest album Darkness On The Edge Of Town. My favorite album in 7th grade. My brother Chris won tickets to see Bruce at the Boston Garden that year and took his girlfriend Gina instead of me. I'm still mad at him for that. Anyway, we discussed a lot of Springsteen on the line due to the return Sirius' E Street Radio. Good times.

Cue music:

Me & Lew ponder life on the line.

Rick & Mike embody the rage of the striking writer.

Lew fraternizes with the enemy. (Actually he was a very nice security guard who put up with Lew's bit of "going to the other side" every day.) Never did get Security dude's name.

This is a picture of an old writer. He wasn't on our line at Sony. This is a left over picture from my days at Radford. I posted it for my sister-in-law Michelle who didn't believe there were any old writers out here. Now that I look at the picture, he might of just been a homeless looking to get a free donut. Or he could be the Ghost of Striking Future: that's how old we're all gonna be when this strike finally ends.

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