Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Been Over a Week...

...since my last post. Not sure why. Part of was exhaustion -- between picketing everyday and working 5 nights last week, I was a wreck. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a full-time bartender and a very-part-time writer now. Not sure. So instead of waiting for inspiration to write something specific I've decided to just make myself write something everyday no matter how long, how short or how boring. My apologies up front.

Last night Sam & I went to the Santa Monica Civic Center where a rally for the WGA was being held. It was a check in for all members before everyone goes away for the holidays. We won't be picketing again until January 7th! Los Angeles shuts down for about 3 weeks around Christmas time. Agents, producers and fancy-pants writers who haven't taken a hit from being out of work for 6 weeks, all go to Hawaii. The rest of us stay here and try and figure out what to do with ourselves.

Usually Sam & I go home to Boston to visit my family and his father and wife. Unfortunately this year that trip was cost prohibitive. So for the first time in many years, I am not going home for Christmas. After I made this decision, I spent the first half hour crying and feeling bad for myself. Sam, sick of my whining, suggested I go alone. That's ridiculous, I couldn't leave him here. (Although I know a few days of uninterrupted video game play might be the best present I could give him.) He then thought it might be a nice idea to have my mother come out here. Knowing that my mother would want to spend Christmas with all the crazy grandkids, I thought the week after Christmas might work. That way she could spend my birthday and New Years here with us and all the dogs. I'm happy to report that this year's plan has all come together quite nicely. In fact, my mother will get to see me in all my bartending glory New Years Eve. Sam, Kerri & my mother will have front row seats ringing in the New Year at Vito. You never know with the old frisky crowd they have up there, my mother might be the only one to get lucky.

And just for shits and giggles, here's a picture of who I spent my Thanksgiving with. I know it's a bit belated but these are the people I will be spending Christmas with as well. Looking at this photo I think how stupid I was to cry over not going home for Christmas when I get to spend it with fabulous people like Rick and Penny Groel.

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Denise Gardner said...

Hi! I recognized Penny Groel as an old roommate from Binghamton University. I live in Los Angeles and see that she might also. I'd love to get in touch with her. Would you mind forwarding her my e-mail address (dgjrbca@socal.rr.com) and name?