Friday, August 17, 2007

My First Vito Anxiety Dream

A few nights ago I had my first anxiety dream about working at Vito. The way my Saturday shift works is, every other week I come in and set-up at 4:30pm. Mary does it on the opposite weeks. When not setting up, I get to come in at 6:oopm.

I woke up in a cold sweat the other night because in my dream it was 6:00pm and I was supposed to be at Vito at 4:30pm. Then of course I couldn't get there and when I did I was still in my jammies, etc.

I think the anxiety stems from getting in trouble last week for miscalculating a few checks. Actually, I only miscalculated on one -- forgot to add on the Patriota salad, which is delicious. The others were all calculated right but were a little messy and Roberto's wife who does all the books couldn't follow my train of math thought. It was satisfying to be right in those cases. In the instance of the missing Patriota, I paid for it myself. Because, f*ck them, I don't want to owe anyone anything. And you know how those Sicilians can get... (kidding, Lisa).

Anyway, for the first time I'm kind of dreading my shift this week. I'm afraid of walking in and being met with a thousand mistakes from last week. God, when your bosses take your job seriously it suddenly turns into a job, huh?

In other news, my first script of the season is being table read by the actors today. One of those actors being LEE MAJORS!!!! Yes, The Six Million Dollar Man speaking my words! So exciting. Steve Austin was my first crush. And watching the shows with him and Lindsay Wagner are my first memories of some sort of dirty (sexual) feelings. Can't wait to get drunk and tell him all this at the wrap party.


golfma said...

I still have some 6 Million Dollar Man gear at my mother's house...I need him to sign his action figure...

Anonymous said...

too bad it wasn't Burt Reynolds...then Kerri would be in luck! Let us know how he looks.

Julie said...

Send your actions figures and send 'em fast -- this dude is fading!