Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hank & Wicked

As I mentioned previously, Hank, one of the waiters at Vito, is a classically trained vocalist. He can sing everything from old standards to opera. Last week on his night off he went to see Wicked. He was blown away. He said he really studied the lead girl and couldn't believe the way she grew in each scene. It might not be something that is evident to each person in the audience but her growth was so subtle and so real it happened without you even knowing it was happening. Even in the crazy green make-up you were totally moved and convinced by her. And apparently on top of all the great acting is some amazing singing. The whole experience reinvigorated Hank to refocus himself on the reason he moved to LA: to act (and sing, if possible). I hope his inspiration isn't short lived because that man is being wasted in that restaurant.

I think that is when art is at its best. It makes you want to do something better and different. I feel that way when I watch The Office, sometimes. I just want to be able to write something so funny and great. This post being neither.

The point to all this: if anyone writes a small part for a late 40's Italian guy, let me know so I can send him in to read.

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