Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Monday Night Crowd

All the waiters and bartenders kept telling me that filling in on a Monday night would be profitable. Apparently there is this regular Monday night crowd who come just to sit at the bar.

(The bar at Vito. Gorgeous, isn't it?)

So this Monday night crowd, I'm told they eat, they drink, they hog the remote control, and they’ve been coming for years. Naturally I pictured a bunch of smelly, boozy 60 year olds who couldn’t find their way to the local VFW. I was wrong. Way wrong. This crowd that hangs at the bar on a Monday night is group of foxy guys, mostly mid to late 30’s, with a few ladies peppered in so as not to be too intimidating. They're smart, they're interesting and they're a good time. My words of advice, ladies? Run don’t walk to Vito on a Monday night. You won’t be disappointed. Besides, what else you going to do on a Monday night? Get the schplinkies* about the rest of the week?

*Schplinkies: That queasy feeling you get deep in the pit of your stomach about the work week ahead. Usually happens on Sunday night. Can happen on Monday as well. Also known as schplinkers.
Word and definition courtesy of J. Adler.

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