Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Good Showing

Saturday night was another spectacular night at Vito. There wasn't the crowd we had the previous week, so I could hang a bit with my friends who showed up. (Thanks to Joe, Alison, Richard, Carolyn, Holly and Kerri.) The best part of the night was when Sam showed up with Nate and Ivy, my step-kids. They came early enough that the bar wasn't filled so when I introduced them to Vito, I asked if it was okay if they sit at the bar so I could wait on them. I was sure Vito would say no but I think it was busy enough in the dining room that he was happy to have a party of three taken off his hands. So it was to the bar for my family.

The waitstaff was impressed with Nate's ability to polish off an entire plate of rigatoni primavera with homemade sausage. This plate of food was so big it could comfortable sleep a family of three.


No one could believe Ivy was just 15 years old. She seemed so cool, so composed. No small feat when you're sitting between your father and your brother milking a 16 oz Shirley Temple.


Sam got the ball rolling on the Lemon Solstices which were the big seller of the night. Richard and Carolyn came up with a drink they called Pimp Cocktail which combines the bar's cheapest wine mixed with something awful -- Campari maybe? Needless to say, none of those were made, served or thought about after the Lemon Solstices took center stage.

P.S. This is being posted from my real job so there may be typos. A post with pictures to come later today.

(Ivy & Me at the Red Sox/Padres game this weekend. I think Mike Lowell noticed us.)

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