Wednesday, June 20, 2007


In my "In The Weeds" post, I mistakenly called Tracy "Terri" and Beverly "Dolores." I have absolutely no idea why. I blame the bottle, which I've been on for 20 years. Sorry, Tracy. Bev, I'm sure you don't have a computer, but my apologies to you, too.


Anonymous said...

It's never important to remember a customer's name....tag lines such as; buddy, boss, pal, young lady, dear, hon, miss, are all acceptable bar identities. Always, always, remeber what said unidentifed person drinks. It's very useful when describing said customer...such as ... "You remember her, the tall brunette with the nice set that drinks (insert appopriate cocktail). Freindly advice from the misplaced Bostonian (brother Jim)

Julie said...

True, true. Kerry had a glass of cab. Tracy had a Jack and coke and Bev had her apple martini.