Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An Excellent Showing

I had an excellent showing at Vito this past Saturday. At one point every seat at the bar (minus one) was filled with my friends. A big shout out to the Drim-Cahoons for stopping by and dragging the Sherer-Weissman's with them. Mainstays, Kerri and Sam, anchored the night while semi-regulars Stacey and Cowan enjoyed a lovely dinner at the bar. The big surprise of the night was the impropmtu "Burn" reunion (minus Stamos). All my ladies from Burning Man stopped by after a long day at a baby shower. Maura, Nancy and Linda came a little later than everyone else but stayed until I finished cleaning up. While at the bar, they managed to come up with no less than five reality shows to pitch to NBC. It's time to build the Burn Dynasty. Just in time for the writer's strike.

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