Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Absolut Ruby Red

I bought a bottle of this stuff earlier today at work. Erica and I were sitting around waiting for something to do and we asked if we could run to the store for a minute. Being that there was nothing to do, Kenny, our boss, gave us permission to go. Erica (that's her in the picture to the left) and I headed straight to Vons for some cocktail mixings. We thought about Prosecco but Vons didn't carry it. Then I spied the Absolut Ruby Red. I've always been curious about it mainly because I liked the name. I'm not really a fan of grapefruit but I was certain we could make a decent cocktail from this. Erica was on board. We then headed to the juice aisle where I thought I'd get some grapefruit juice and some soda water to mix with the vodka. Erica pushed me toward the "light" juice. Always a fan of fewer calories, I took the bait.

We went back to the office to mix our cocktails but as we were walking up the stairs from her car we were distracted by the beauty of some man standing outside our stage. We immediately dropped our groceries and headed to the nearest and most discreet window so we could spy on this specimen. Turns out we had to run all the way over to the Girlfriends office to see who this dude was who was keeping us from the drink. Rick Fox. Now I know many of you think of Rick Fox as some played out old cornball, but I gotta tell you this man is a stone cold fox. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, after making an excuse to go down to stage to get a better look at The Fox, we came back upstairs to make our Ruby Red cocktail.

The drink we settled on:
1 1/ oz Absolut Ruby Red
2oz Soda Water
Splash light Ruby Red Grapefruit juice

It was not so great. There was kind of a gross after taste that I blamed on Erica's "light" grapefruit juice. We tried to jazz it up with what we had in the 'fridge. We found some pomegranate juice. That definitely took the edge off but it still wasn't right. It was missing a layer. It was missing the ingredient that makes you want to drink 16 of them. We powered through nonetheless and drank.

When I got home I looked online for Absolut's mixer suggestions and nothing really caught my eye. So I'm opening it up to my reader: any suggestions on a good mixer for Absolute Ruby Red Vodka?


Michelle said...

Pear juice? I'm not much into vodka and I have no idea how the ruby red stuff tastes, but pear would seem to cut the tart taste of grapefruit. Just a thought.
There's a place in Vermont that serves grapefruit halves warmed slightly under a broiler with a bit of maple syrup on top. Sounds awful, but it's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I made a Caipiroska out of this one and it tasted really good. I call it grapefruit caipiroska.