Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A List To Catch Us Up To Speed

Since my last post I:

Have been to New York.
Watched my step daughter play Lacrosse.
Wished I could’ve played Lacrosse.
Cheered step-daughter on in the stands with my husband’s ex-wife in the pouring rain.
Accepted a ride home from ex-wife.
Spend a couple hours lost in car with step-daughter, ex-wife and ex-wife's boyfriend.
Spent $700 to get back to Los Angeles early for a job interview.
Got fired from The Game.
Delayed my trip to Boston for a day to have second interview for job.
Flew to Boston on a three hour delayed red-eye.
Took the water shuttle from airport to downtown Boston - so cool.
Heard rumors that I got hired on new show.
Couldn't get my agent to tell me if I got hired on new show.
Ate at Kelly's Roast Beef.
Got heartburn from the onion rings.
Finally found out I got hired on Project Gary.
Drove to Vermont for Rick the Pickle Man's wedding.
Was told by my husband not to wear the totally unflattering muu-muu (think Maude) to WASPy pre-wedding cook-out barn party.
Cried over being fat.
Cried more over not knowing what to wear to WASPy pre-wedding cook-out barn party.
Sucked it up knowing husband was right.
Attended my first wedding officiated by a female priest.
Partied with my step-kids at reception.
Chatted with my husband’s ex-wife at reception.
Watched my husband deftly avoid all contact with his ex-wife at reception.
Asked ex-wife's boyfriend what he did for a living, didn't understand what he said, finished cupcake and walked away.
Drove Back to Boston.
Was mean to my mother whom love more than anything else in the world.
Walked for miles along the Charles River with my husband. So beautiful.
Flew Back to L.A.
Gave up on losing weight.
Had a two day hangover.
Considered quitting Vito.
Reconsidered quitting Vito.
Had Hagie the dog groomer shave Mabel.
Think I love Mabel more due to her new haircut.
Cut my forehead open stocking Pellegrino at the bar.
Considered quitting Vito again.
Reconsidered quitting Vito again.
Have tried to think of story ideas for new show.
Have decided my head is an empty vessel good for nothing except banging against cabinet doors.
Made this list.

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Michelle said...

Great list! I love how much detail you get into this about your life and the overlapping dramas. Very cool.