Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big News in Boston

My brother Larry made the Boston Herald! And look at this picture! WTF!! I thought I got the looks in the family. Apparently I'll have to settle for the brains.

Here's the article:

Larry Bean knows luxury.

So Boston Common magazine wasted no time in scooping up the former editor-in-chief of the Robb Report - the authority on the likes of the filthy rich.

When the Robb Report relocated its editorial operations from Acton to Malibu, Calif., where its corporate offices are based, Bean could have followed but chose to stay in Boston.

Boston Common Publisher Glen Kelley said it was an opportunity to pick up a “great player” and has hired Bean as his glossy magazine’s editor-at-large.

“We’re able to bring in an editor that already understands luxury lifestyle magazines,” Kelley said yesterday. “That’s something that is very unique.”

Bean, who started at Boston Common last week, will be working with Executive Editor Terri Stanley, who joined the publication in 2006 from Scene magazine, now North End Scene.

A Somerville native, Bean is a Harvard graduate who had worked at the Robb Report since 1998.

Kelley said he views Bean’s hire as “adding to the strength of the team.”

“As Larry is more and more involved, he’ll end up putting his personal stamp on there too, which is true for all editorial staff,” Kelley said.

For now, Bean is learning the ropes. “It’s a little bit of a learning curve for me,” Bean said.

Stanley also said Bean’s experience is a good opportunity for Boston Common, which publishes six times a year.

Stanley said she’s looking forward to collaborating with somebody who understands luxury lifestyles as well as the magazine’s concept and can help her “shape” the magazine.”

Cool, right?

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