Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Best Wedding Ever!

Seriously, it was. I didn't have a videographer (is that a word?) at our wedding. Had I known what Maura had in store for us, I might have wanted to capture it on film because our wedding has gone down in history as the funniest ceremony ever. In fact, it was ripped off by a famous showrunner when he officiated a ceremony months later. We know he ripped it off because he did exactly what Maura did and that groom's brother was a guest at our wedding. No hard feelings. Anymore.

Spider caught what he could on his camera. Here you go.


AJH said...


Al Higgins

Michelle said...

I never got to see it! THIS was my first chance to see the wedding. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Speaking on behalf of the "Irish Sopranos"; it was an event to remember. 2004 was a good year, my first real trip to the left coast, my little sister getting married, and the Sox won the's all been downhill since.


Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing that with all of us! Where have you been hiding? And thanks for my mention on the blog. Would love to catch up soon.