Tuesday, March 25, 2008

StepDogger Scores 2050 On SATs

Yes, you read that right. Out of a possible score of 2400, my brilliant stepdaughter scored a 2050. I believe that score provides excellent argument for the nurture vs nature debate. Obviously my nurturing gave her those brains. If she had to go simply of nature and heredity who knows what kind of lowball score she would have gotten. Those two generations of Yalie blood coursing through her veins got nothing on me and what I've taught her about the streets. In fact I think the new section on the test is all about street smarts. I just wish they had that section on the test when I took it. I might have done better than a 790. And that's with the 200 points they give you just for getting your name right.


Ivy said...

youre crazy i hope you know that
also...its 2 generations of yalie blood on dadas side, its 4 on my moms side

Ivy said...

oh ya ps ur street wisdom proved very handy during the test especially when i had to beat up the kid with the noisy calculator

Anonymous said...

Not bad Ivy, don't let Julie take too much credit - osmosis is only worth so much.

Although there must be something said for street smarts - just remind Julie - she learned from the best.

Brother Jim.