Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Awful Truth

I just talked to Stacey and she told me I was the worst blogger she knew. She says she's bored most of the day and she only has so many sites she can read, mine being one of them and I have let her down by not posting more often. She's right. The truth always hurts.

I haven't been so excited about blogging lately because I haven't been excited about much. Depressed? Maybe. Sick of my job? Definitely.

I'm so sick of my regular job that it makes me sick of my second job: bartending. By the time Saturday rolls around, I am so sick of working, so sick of cleaning my house, and so sick of having to be somewhere at sometime that I don't even want to go to Vito.

But here's the difference between my regular job and Vito, Vito is like the gym: once you get there you are so happy you went. Like Alberto, one of my favorite waiters, said to me this weekend, "This place is calming for me. When I come here I just think: Showtime!" He's so right. And when you think of it that way, it feels like the best place to be. Still waiting for that to happen at The Game which is interesting it hasn't happened there since that is the place where I'm basically paid to "perform" It's showtime on the CW and I could give a shit.

Also, the pressure of wanting to make each post here on this blog interactive (you know: pictures, links, etc.) has obviously crushed me. So instead of trying to figure out a picture that goes with this post I'm going to post a picture of our 4th dog, Brady. He's really Uncle Balls' dog but he lives with us now. He has a brain tumor. He makes me happy everyday he's still alive. Because believe me, his days are numbered.

Blogging through depression ain't easy.

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Chris said...

You're also the worst blogger I know, except, possibly, for my daughter.

Does it help if we ask you questions? Like, what's your take on rye whiskey?